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Logan Hannah Driver
Logan and her former race mechanic George Gibbons discuss race set up.

So what sets Logan Hannah apart from her competition, both on and off the track?

Firstly, Logan races because she loves racing, not to prove a point about how well a girl can race against the boys on the track. Secondly, her desire. It is said that experience and ‘seat time’ are everything in the development of any young racer, but no amount of experience will ever compensate for the desire to learn, the desire to improve, the desire to succeed and the ‘will to win’.

Without that desire, the best chassis, the fastest engine, the most experience or the best coaching will not make a champion.

Logan’s realises the importance of learning as much as she can about all aspects of karting in these development years for as the recently crowned 2015 Australian V8 Supercars Champion once said "Everything you learn in karting you will take through your entire motorsport career."

Out of the kart, Logan interacts immediately and effectively with her Race Technician, providing accurate feedback on how the kart is handling or the engine is performing. She watches carefully as changes in chassis set up are made and listens intently to the technician’s explanation of why the changes are being made and what effect it will have on handling.

Logan Hannah Racing
Logan is never one to shirk work in the paddock and always prepared to ‘muck-in’.

Now in her second full season, she has quickly acclimatised to the race day procedures, the pressures and intensity that is modern competitive kart racing and she has settled down into the all-important race day routine in the pits and paddock.

From the early morning ritual track walk with her coach, attending the official drivers briefing, to any last minute pre-grid advice and the post session de-brief, the British schoolgirl shows a maturity beyond her years as she takes it all in and analyses every snippet of advice, information and data that is shared with her.

Her coach, top 10 World finals driver, Piers Packenham-Walsh highlighted her learning capabilities, remarking that “Logan is ideal as a coaching student. She listens well when being given feedback and applies what she learns off track whilst analysing track maps together with onboard footage of her driving on the track. The experience she has gained through the training sessions has shone through in her recent performance in competition and this will only see her improve in the future.”

Logan Hannah Racing
Logan with her race mechanic, coach and mentor, Piers Pakenham-Walsh.

While definitely no “Tom-Boy” Logan is certainly not afraid of getting her hands dirty and is happy making precise adjustments to her chassis or engine or physical work moving her kart to and from the grid. She just mucks in and gets on with it!

Sodi Kart Middle East team boss, Nicolas Fargeas has is also quick to point out that on and off track, Logan is a highly valued member of the UAE Sodi team. “It is a pleasure to have Logan Hannah in our team, she definitely meets our values in the team by pushing her limits to the maximum every time.”

Logan Hannah Racing
Logan can certainly keep the ‘boys’ at bay as she shows some robust defending at the head of this train of karts (above) and in the middle of the pack (below).

Nicolas took some time out to pen the following telling insight of Logan’s achievements since joining the iconic French brand,

“On top of that we like to have lady drivers in the team, we have also Abi Birch in Senior Max and for us it is a way to stand out in a sport where men are the majority.”

“Logan is so far our most improved driver of the season....... she has been training hard on her own as well as with her coach, the team and most importantly she has the full support from her parents, notably her father Graeme, being a race driver.”

“Logan has shown an incredible dedication to karting, practicing almost every free day she has in the very tough hot weather conditions that we have in the UAE, this has also improved her fitness and stamina.”

“Since the start of the 2015 season Logan has proved she can be on the pace and sometimes even faster than the best drivers on the track, she has become very competitive and is surely on the verge of some great results.”

“Logan is a valuable member of the SodiKart Middle East family and her efforts will definitely drive both the team, and her, to the top step of the podium before long.”

Every successful race driver needs an element of aggression in their make-up but don’t let Logan’s calm, seemingly quiet and unflappable persona in the paddock fool you as she discretely hides her feisty racing alter-ego until she leaves the pre-grid. Her gutsy driving style leaves you in no doubt of her intentions and ambitions.