Logan Hannah Development
“Race Face” - Logan’s steely pre-race determination is plainly obvious.

These days, with many young racers starting to race karts as young as 5 years old, and some junior karters even progressing into car racing as early as 13 or 14, it might be argued that Logan is a comparative ‘late starter’ in motorsport, so be it.

Regardless, she is certainly making up for lost time with incessant day and evening practice sessions at the Dubai and Al Ain kart circuits, often working ‘one-to-one’ with her coach, world class racer Piers Pakenham-Walsh (Piers finished 9th in the 2015 Rotax World Finals) practicing racing lines, passing, defending and other aspects of her race craft.

While clearly focussing on karting, Logan was quick to take up the offer from AUH Motorsport, the Radical Middle East Distributor, to try out their race car simulator, as part of her summer - close season driver development training programme, achieving some impressive lap times around Dubai Autodrome Club Circuit.

Logan Hannah Development

Under the guidance of driving coach, Rob Maseyk, a structured driver training programme was specifically prepared for Logan, which was aimed at improving her overall understanding of driving a modern race car ………..with the aim that when she will understand considerably more about getting the maximum from a car or kart’s setup and learning to pick the optimal racing lines behind the wheel of her kart.